Woohoo, it’s Friday!

And we are getting booted out early today, AND the thing I thought was going to trash my early out Friday IS NOT HAPPENING!

In other work ridiculousness, time zones are killing us. We do have some overlap in work times (it’s partially why I started going in early, because at least a couple folks from Makati are still there for a bit) but most anything that requires the team lead means it waits until the next day. This is usually fine, until the shit hits the fan, then it gets very messy and I have to start making decisions that are above my pay grade, and I know it pisses off the team lead, and I know I don’t like it, and yeah, time zones SUCK.

This week alone, I had to tapdance through a client meeting because we didn’t have the plan in place, and then yesterday in the AM I’d asked, “So, do you want me & B to do X today to get it out of the way?” and literally as I hit enter, he went offline for the night – which is fine! He needs to sleep, too! So I then announced, “Welp, team lead is offline, we’re gonna do X!” It worked out OK cause X did need to get done, and it’s now off our plates, but again, just, WHYYYYYY.

And honestly, I’d go in earlier, but because the system is down between 6-7 AM/PM, I really can’t start really *working* until 7AM, so… Seriously being exactly on the other side of the world makes things more challenging than it needs to be.

I’ve seen bits & pieces of Biden’s speech last night, and where has this guy been the past year and half? I don’t know who got in his ear and told him it was time to go on the offensive, but it’s about damn time. And R’s are clutching their pearls and honestly, and there is some Republican lady on the BBC right now going, “BUT, ANTIFA!” and seriously – get bent. Last time I checked, the anti-fascists didn’t storm the damn Capitol building.

Welp, gotta go to the thing – you have a fantastic weekend and stick it to the man for labor!

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2 Responses to Woohoo, it’s Friday!

  1. Ashley says:

    Yaaay, a very good Friday! Glad you had one.

    The time zones thing was a blessing and a curse at Unnamed Genealogy Company. Very cool to get to know folks from around the world, but also an absolute nightmare when you’re stuck waiting on someone to wake up.

    I slept through the speech — Wednesday’s anaesthesia still has me all messed up schedule-wise — but from what I read, I’m happy they changed up his communications and speechwriting staff. The visuals looked atrocious to me in the still photos I’ve seen, but the “omg Fourth Reich!!” people are still out of their minds.

    • A Dreamer says:

      Yup, you don’t want to be screaming at your computer, GET UP! or DON’T YOU DARE GO TO BED! – and yet, sometimes there you are… Like, here to London is fine, 5(?) hour difference is easy, fair amount of overlap, all good. But 12 hours, oof, someone is gotta be up really early or really late.

      Yeah, the stills I saw looked weird, but the frothing over “Marines were there!” – pretty much every damn administration has had a speech with the military wandering around somewhere.

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