Touch of the Sunday Scaries here…

I didn’t do any office work yesterday, mostly out of spite and the Pokemon Go Fest finale.

And I don’t particularly want to do any office work today, either, again, mostly out of spite. So I’m just trying to figure out what the bare minimum is that I can do today to make tomorrow somewhat easier.

I’ve already resigned myself to the fact that my other side of the world coworkers have probably already had their holiday weekend trashed given that one of them was texting me on Friday night about the problem that popped up.*

The problem is two-fold – the item that they want done by COB tomorrow – a day and a half turnaround time wasn’t adequate and the team lead knows this and still agrees to this shit. And then there is the item that popped up Friday that will need to be tested tomorrow as well if we’re gonna get it to the client by Wednesday, unless my overseas partners in crime work over their holiday.

So, I’m looking at roughly 2 to 2 1/2 days of work that will need to be done in a day, or my coworkers holiday weekend being totally trashed. Both completely suck.

I am at least taking a moment to check my email and see what’s going on before I go to the trouble of setting up the laptop for the day. Maybe something has been pushed out a day…

Huh. Nothing has been pushed out, but the dev has called a meeting to brainstorm other ways to fix the Friday problem, cause it would appear that the only practical solution is to do the thing we told the client to do, that they won’t do. So, it sounds like I won’t have much of anything to test on that tomorrow – and hey, holiday weekend for coworkers still intact.

Still may do a bit on the COB tomorrow thing, because that was already a potential issue before everything else exploded, but it’s not a must right this second. I think I’ll just get my templates setup so tomorrow it’s just a matter of dumping the data into my spreadsheets. That seems reasonable, if vaguely annoying.

So, tomorrow is still probably gonna be a bit of a shitshow, but not as bad as I’d anticipated.

Onwards and upwards and all that happy horseshit, LOL.

* Not because I didn’t stay late – it wouldn’t have made a difference at that point in time.

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