It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood

Seriously, I hope it’s as pretty where you are as it is here. Sunny, warm, low humidity, and a generally good day to drive with the windows down and singing loudly.

Saturday errands all run, farmers market goodies all washed and chopped and whatnot. Couple weeks back I got a lever-chopper for veggies. Holy shit, I should have done that years ago. Only used it twice so far, but it’s been 100% worth it. Onions? Peel, quarter, 4 whacks – bag o’ diced onions. Carrots today? Wash, peel, cut to fit the insert – half a dozen whacks – bag o’ salad crunchies. And the pieces go in the dishwasher.

Bag of chopped up carrots

Like, I can actually consider making potato salad and/or goulash again, because it does potatoes, and the last time I made either one of those, dicing the potatoes took FOREVER.

And now I am going to run back to the market, cause of course I didn’t realize we were out of gallon ziploc bags and we need them like, now. At least it’s only 5 minutes away, and I can also grab the cold cuts I should have gotten the first trip as well, LOL.

You have a spectacular Saturday!!

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