Well, I jinxed myself

All my talk about healthy work habits, and now I gotta work this weekend, LMAO.

Day starts with, “Can you test X, and oh by the way, needs to be done COB Monday” – I say I’ll try my best, but no guarantees, cause I like to be realistic about things, and a day and a half turnaround is bullshit.

Halfway through the morning, things start hitting the fan. We changed something for a client (I don’t think we should have done it, but not my call) and it’s not automatically cleaning up the past data. We tell them “You would need to do X and it will clean up the past data” – “We can’t.” (They can, but, whatever.)

Now, I didn’t test this thing, but whoever did fucked up. And the team on the other side of the world has a holiday on Monday. And the client wants a fix by Wednesday.

Now, I didn’t stay late today, cause dammit, it’s my half-day Friday, and I had shit to do outside of work today, and I’m maintaining a few boundaries. As the account manager was making noises about meeetings this afternoon, I just said, “I’m out this afternoon, I’ve got a hard stop at 1, sorry.”

So, tomorrow, gonna do the shit that needed to be done for Monday, and clear the decks to be ready to test this new thing. Otherwise, Monday is gonna be a shitshow.

And while I definitely don’t *want* to work this weekend, it will be far better than doing 12+ hours on Monday. But we are NOT making a habit of this.

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