Good morning, friends!

Err, good afternoon!

Had a good sleep in this morning, got my coffee, and already hit the market for a couple things and of course, forgot stuff. (Today it was trash bags and nail polish remover.) I try to do the coffee/market run all at once cause they’re right next to each other, and I invariably forget something because while I have acquired the coffee at that point, I have not *consumed* it.

My attempts at efficiency are often not well rewarded, LOL.

I yesterday’s well pared down to-do list all knocked out, and today is another good and short one, but with washing ALL THE TOWELS. I’m still salty that I’d been doing SO well around the house and then I just…wasn’t. I realize it all going to hell coincided with work going batshit, but to still be so stuck when everything calmed down again has been very frustrating.

I so envy folks who just get up on the weekends and knock out the housework without having to have multiple internal arguments over getting it done. Must be nice – and I am not being sarcastic about that at all – it really must be nice!

And on that note, I am going to go do some yoga and see what I can get done around here.

You have a lovely Sunday!

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