Grab some joy today

Sure, the world is still a dumpster fire, but all the more reason to snag some happiness.

Today that was the farmers market. Paella, salad mix, tomatoes, and the shortbread lady was there again!

When I got my second pint of tomatoes (I get my two pints from different stalls, gotta share the love, ya know) one took a flying leap out of the container – I picked it up thinking a) well, I wash these before eating anyway, and b) no one wants to step on a tomato. But, it had taken a very hard fall, and when I paid, I asked if the gentleman had a trash can about for it. He said no problem, took the smushed tomato and all of a sudden, he’s giving me another handful of tomatoes to make up for it. Totally unnecessary, but I am not turning down some free tomatoes, LOL.

And the shortbread lady… She had the lemon-rosemary again, and sea salt chocolate chip! And I may have gotten a 7Up pound cake. But – they’re little! The bakery is “Stephanie’s Bite Size” for a reason. I told her that I’d seen the cocoa cayenne shortbread on her website and would be keeping an eye out for those – she said she doesn’t make those as often, but does post about it when she does.

And on the way home from the farmers market, I had Beyonce’s Break My Soul blasting – I know it came out like a month ago, but I just heard it the first time this week, and it is a total banger.

I only won $8 in the MegaMillions, so my plans for being an eccentric philanthropist are on hold for a bit. But it was fun to think about what I could do with an insane amount of money.

And in an attempt to keep this non-stressed-out-kinda-bliss going, I decided this week that since I’ve had such a hell of a time getting my shit together around the house again, I am lowering the bar. A lot. And that bar is “keep the living things in the house alive and reasonably comfortable” and as such, my to do list is good and short today. Everything beyond the basics in Tody has been paused until the end of August, and they’ll be slowly added back in.

Sometimes you just have to start from scratch rather than letting yourself get all overwhelmed and stressed out which then leads to just being glued to the sofa wondering why you have such a broken brain.

So, on that note, I’m gonna do a Pokemon raid, get my yoga in, and then knock everything off my little list and enjoy the rest of the day.

You have a great Saturday.

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