Shiny New Month!

Happy August! Also known as Triple H time around here – Hazy, Hot, and Humid. Wheeee! Heat indexes well over 90º all week!

This is also the month I’m supposed to go see my beloved Padres, but I have no idea if that is happening. Yes, it’s outside, but it’s also people pretty much right on top of each other in the stadium, and BA.5 so, IDK. Last year they were here the weekend we got back from the beach, and I knew I’d be too exhausted, so I stayed home. This may be year 3 of no in person baseball, and that blows.

Over on Twitter, I’m watching some incredibly shitty discourse that boils down to: If you work for a defense contractor, you are personally responsible for all the ills in the world, especially if you’re trans and have had some cringe takes. And watching one person crow about how they’ve had all kinds of lousy jobs and never worked for a Large Defense Contractor, without mentioning that they had been in the military…whew.

Amazing how some of these folks think most of us actively choose our employers and have the jobs we *want* rather than the job that pays the bills and hopefully provides health insurance. My own track has been: defense contractor, defense contractor, very screwed up non-profit, defense contractor, software company that caters to defense contractors, weird security company, software company that caters to defense contractors.

I’ve had recruiters flat out tell me, “You will never find a position outside defense/government contracting.”

And the “but, remote means you can work for anyone!” – remote work being widely available is a very recent thing, and many folks are still limited by geography in their job opportunities.

Well, I’ve gotta go grind those gears for capitalism – you have a good day, and don’t be shitty about where people have to work.

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2 Responses to Shiny New Month!

  1. Ashley says:

    I make as many snarky comments about defense contractors as the next leftist, but I’d take a job at one in a heartbeat if it were the right decision for me. No ethical consumption under capitalism, etc. etc.

    My niece is engaged to a great young man who is paid a salary that will help give her a good life. My grandparents worked third-shift at an aircraft company that gave them pensions. A bunch of my local friends have defense contractor jobs because those are the largest employers in my area, along with the insurance industry (its own kind of evil!).

    People in a position to complain about the jobs other people take must live fabulously privileged lives. I’m trying to think of any job where I’d truly judge you, and all I’m coming up with is being a cop. But would I just a secretary at the police station? Nah, get that check.

    The lack of live sporting events in my life is hands down one of the worst parts of the pandemic.

    • A Dreamer says:

      My granddad worked most of his adult life at a defense contractor. Started as a truck driver, retired as a director. Gave the family a good life.

      Around here, it seems to be either defense/government contracting or retail, and not a whole lot in between.

      Hell, we’re all just trying to get through the day and not have the water get shut off.

      And while there may not be baseball this year, I am totally going to the 4H fair this weekend!! It’s great cause it’s NOT crowded and has fair food. Corndogs, here I come!

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