Another good day

To stay inside and be still if at all possible. Heat indexes over 100 again – and my brain keeps glancing out the window going, “Oh, looks like a nice day for a walk!” No, brain, no!

How hot has it been? I am pretty heat tolerant, and even I have been getting wobbly if I am out too long, and it’s hot enough that I have been wearing shorts IN PUBLIC.

If you hadn’t seen, the lottery is up to a whopping $790 million. Of course I did some quick math – cash option, split with my brother, taxes, chuck a few mil to rehab this house and get my beach house – then put the rest in 7 year CD’s – even after the tax on that interest, that’s like $130K a month – knock off $20K for the most lavish lifestyle I can fathom, and that is still $110K a month to give away.

How fucking awesome would it be to have over 100K a month to just give away to people? There would be some institutions that got recurring gifts, and damn, so many GoFundMe’s and Donor’s Choose projects would get funded. I’d fucking love that – and yes, I’ve got some tickets, cause why not?

Despite the daydreaming, I am still working with boring reality, and I finally got off my arse and did my beach laundry – maybe I didn’t overpack given that I went through 13 pairs of pants/shorts and 11 shirts. In a week. No – I don’t know why those aren’t the same number, LOL. But it is certainly a testament to how actually active I am down at the beach and need to change out of sweaty gross clothes – and apparently clumsy and spilling things on myself. (The Mildly Cursed Day that included beer spillage comes to mind.)

But that laundry is done, and I am going to spend the rest of the day just very quietly existing.

I recommend you do the same if at all possible.

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