Damn, Monday

You got here really damn quick. But today is supposed to be the last day of the heat, I’ve got a 4 day week, and we get paid. If I’d just managed to get a decent nights sleep, it would be great!

I still can’t believe we’re fucking up messaging on Monkeypox SO badly – not a single lesson learned from Covid or AIDS it would seem. Just maddening.

Oh and half the country is in flames again, but climate change isn’t an emergency either.

And I haven’t forgotten all our rights being stripped away, too!

Maybe I should have gotten a better nights sleep – cause honestly, this is A LOT when you take a moment and think about it all.

And capitalism demands I get off my ass and work, of course – gotta keep me busy and not standing in front of government buildings screaming my head off. So, I guess it will be another day of angry emails.

Take care, stay cool, and stick it to the man.

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