That is pretty much the exact noise I make every time I come in contact with the outside right now. We’re looking at heat indexes over 100º for the next three days. I feel so bad for anyone that has to work outside right now.

I know if you have one of those jobs, you’re probably in a situation of “don’t work, don’t eat” – as a society, we have got to do better. This kind of weather, no one should be doing outside work. I couldn’t help but automatically be in Mom Mode at the farmers market this morning. “Be careful with the heat!” to everyone I encountered… Yes, you could say that by going to the farmers market, I am part of the problem – but they would have been there had I gone or not, so they might as well get some sales and I get some eggs, salad mix, tomatoes, shortbread, and accidental raspberries*.

The WHO has declared MonkeyPox a “Global Health Emergency” – and here in the US we’re still dealing with the CDC acting like it’s just a “gay man’s disease” and that is gonna fuck us over if they don’t get their shit together right quick. It’s. Not. An. STI.

Then I think about how we refused to test people for Covid because they hadn’t been to fucking China in the early days, and of so much Covid money that was given to police departments instead of going to schools or used for grants for small business for ventilation improvement, and, the President has Covid and isn’t even resting like he should, and yeah, we’re fucked.

I just don’t understand how we’re so bad at this, other than we’ve just allowed Corporate America to call the shots every damn time – and we all know what they think of regular people and the planet – and we’re all paying the price for “shareholder value.” The planet is dying, Covid isn’t going away, but boy, unemployment is low!

I hate having to participate in this. Commerce is fine, but capitalism is shit and killing us all. And opting out – pretty much impossible unless you win the damn lottery.

On a lighter note – here are some really pretty flowers I saw outside the farmers market that I’ve never noticed before.

A field of purple stalked flowers

Stay cool this weekend and do something that will annoy a titan of industry.

* I was in a stall and was going to get tomatoes, snagged a bag and got a closer look and decided they weren’t ripe enough and felt bad, so I bought raspberries. They’ve been washed and dried and are in the freezer and will go in my iced tea.

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