We have made it to the happy place

And I got my pato tacos immediately on Friday afternoon, so all is well. :-D

Been getting coffee for the house and a real proper newspaper from Duck’s Cottage every morning, which is just lovely. Given how the news is just a firehose of awful, the paper is great – it’s nice to read things like the fact that the Virginia Beach sweet corn crop is awesome this year. And the funny pages and horoscopes. It also feels like such a slow lane indulgence. If this is retirement, I need to get there asap.

The turtles are still here and appear to be thriving, despite a drop in the water level in the creek, which is admittedly a bit concerning. Lots of other neat wildlife here, too – and we even encountered a juvenile rat snake! Pics and a video of our new friend Roger the Rat Snake are in this post, but I will put them at the very, very end.

In further evidence that I am getting old, it’s cool and rainy and breezy today and I am 100% OK with that – still out on the screened in porch with a hoodie and jeans and it’s all good. Mostly cause it’s also very quiet, LOL.

Last night, I tried – I shit you not – sweet corn ice cream. Weird, yet good! Also gave me big flashbacks to Japan where sweet corn flavor was used for desserts & sweets as much, if not more, than in savory dishes.

OK, if you want to see pics and a video of Roger the Rat Snake – scroll down – if not, close the tab sand have a great day!

Snakes ahead…

Snakes ahead…

Snakes ahead…

Snakes ahead…

Impressive climbing skills
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