Gooooood morning!!

I am on PTO and it is awesome. I like my job, but damn, I am ready for a bit of an extended break.

Watching UK politics right now and its kinda wild. Best I can figure out, the Tories have wanted Boris Johnson out for a while, and I guess hiring a sexpest made it convenient to do now – cause I don’t think they actually *care* that he hired a sexpest, it’s just good timing for them. While I’ll be happy to see the last of that twat, I just hope they don’t replace him with someone worse.

It has been pretty hilarious watching everyone just turn on him, though.

Mixed bag of weather down in NC this coming week and honestly, I don’t care. I can eat my emotions in the sun or the rain.

Couple quick errands to run today, one load of laundry, and that’s really all I need to do to go. I am taking a page from my brothers book and just putting everything in a plastic tote. Easy to fit in the car and shouldn’t alarm the cat the way a duffel bag appearing would. And I am all about not alarming the cat today.

And now it’s time to pry myself off the sofa and get those errands done. You have an awesome day.

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