Good morning!

Day started well with seeing a deer on the way to get coffee, so that was pretty awesome.

I’ve settled into great a routine of: wake before 8 with no alarm – feeling ACTUALLY REFRESHED, get coffee, read paper, check on turtles, and to walk to beach. Very relaxing AND healthy!

Not many turtles this morning – I suspect the rain and wind the past 24 hours had them hunkered down in calmer parts of the creek and they’re sleeping in.

As far as the paper goes, I am resolved to get a regular newspaper once a week when I am back home. There is so much more than the hellscape of news I get online, and a physical paper really is the best way to find it.

The Pet Resort sent a photo of Lily this morning – while she doesn’t look thrilled it looks like the in-house rescue remedy is helping. I so wish we could bring her here. She would love the screened in porch. But I know they’re taking good care of her. And I know she is loving the fleece in her condo.

Lily, a black and orange tortie cat,in her kennel
It’s early for pictures

Another fun thing being here is that it gets my creative juices going. I write more, I doodle more, get more good photos, I just, I don’t know, am able to create and think more clearly it seems. I guess the removal of the day to day survival nonsense helps a lot. I wish we all could have that a lot more often. Lord knows we ALL need it.

Like this plant I saw the other day – I can see a bracelet or necklace here, and I may have to hit up the bead shop and see if I can make that happen.

Ocean is still a bit angry this morning – and I see a necklace thick with grey and purple freshwater pearls there.

I so love this place. Just gotta figure out how to get here with the cat permanently.

You have a great day!

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