Did *not* get shitcanned! Meeting got moved from morning to afternoon and was asked, “Hey, can you give us a list of everything you’re working on?” and corporate’s very shortsighted weirdness about labor costs did make me very “Uhhhhhhh” going into it.

Fortunately it did seem to be more of a right hand-left hand thing. Director in Makati wants more testing of module from hell and thought I was a good one to put on the case and asked US Director to come to me. Director in Makati seemingly did not talk to QC team lead in Makati who has already put the wheels in motion on this. I said (nicely) they needed to talk to each other and I was not getting in the middle of this.

I did flat out also say, “Well, glad I’m not getting laid off” and both US boss & Director were, “LOL, Wut? You have six months worth of work on your to-do list. You have job security.” I mean, l’ll believe it when I can retire from this company, but it was nice to hear.

Well, time to go slog through some meetings and get through my last day before vacation!!!!

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