Morning, all

It’s a humid, grey, calm morning out there – storms came through overnight and everything is very damp and extra green. It’s like Mother Nature knew I needed some extra calm.

I have been at loose ends about this country many times in my life – but never as much as now. And part of the problem is that I genuinely don’t understand why the R’s are the way they are. I don’t understand this level of hate for basically everyone and this belief that progression hurts them. I just genuinely do not get it.

And I sit here looking at my to-do list for the house and it all feels a bit pointless, but it also has to be done. It’s all very weird.

I’ve not done much for the 4th in ages and ages, and this year there is certainly nothing to celebrate. I’ll be doing some grilling, but just because I have an extra day off work to enjoy some grilling.

In *not* fucked up and depressing news, we have a hummingbird in the yard! I was on the porch yesterday and saw a bird I didn’t recognize briefly sitting on the porch – small, longer beak than the other birds that frequent the yard. Then a bit later, I saw it flying around the front window and there was no mistaking what it was. Not sure if it truly lives in the yard or was just passing through, but I genuinely cannot recall the last time I saw one around here. Now if I could just get one of the Eastern Bluebirds I’ve seen up the street come into the yard as well, that would be super cool.

Well, time to go muck about the house and control what I can.

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