I’m not the most politically savvy person, but I think I figured out why Democrats on a national level are doing nothing but fundraising off our collective trauma, and it is one hell of a downer.  

They’re just getting their golden parachutes taken care of.

When the Supreme Court rules that state legislatures can decide federal election results regardless of the vote count – and we all know they will – there aren’t enough Democratic state legislatures for the Democrats to have a majority in the House, Senate, or to win the White House.  And that’s that.

You’d think they’d be pressing harder for flipping state legislatures, but they’re just looking out for themselves.  Because if nothing else, they know you only survive this country with money, and they’ll make sure they survive and fuck the rest of us.

You should still vote in every damn election – ESPECIALLY your state and local ones.  They’re all we’re gonna have.

And that is really fucking depressing.

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2 Responses to Oh.

  1. Ashley says:

    My theory is similarly cynical: Fundraising pays the consultants, and they all hire each other’s kids/nephews/buddies as consultants.

    My related theory is that the guy running against Marjorie Taylor Greene and who is bringing in tens of millions is a plant running solely to fund consulting firms. They all know he can’t win, but low-info voters don’t and will keep giving him/them cash.

    • A Dreamer says:

      Cynical and totally plausible! It’s such a mess – I’ll readily admit I don’t know what you do when SCOTUS effectively becomes an arm of the GOP – but I also don’t get paid to know what to do when that happens, and I don’t know why D’s aren’t using all that fundraising money to find and hire those very smart people that I am sure are out there.

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