Happy Random Day Off

Been trying to pinpoint when the 4th started getting weird for me, and I can’t really place it, but it definitely went from a house festooned with flags and bunting just being festive, if a bit silly, to “that seems a bit much” to “oh, white nationalists, fanfuckingtastic.”

In a minuscule act of “Fuck all y’all”, I wore my “Let Me Be Great” pride hoodie out to get coffee and do the marketing this morning.

Hoodie with an illustrated sheep carrying a spear and a flamethrower on a rainbow background saying "Let Me Be Great"

We look back at the founders of the country and understandably think they were complete dinosaurs. But *for their time* – they were radical and you could even say, somewhat progressive. They wanted better for the country. I genuinely think if we could teleport them here, and get them past the shock of cars and equal rights for all – I think if we could show them how much progress has been made, they would ask why we’re going backwards and in their name, no less.

I also can’t help but wonder where we might be had King George just given Parliament a shove and said, “give them a few seats, it won’t be the end of the world.” While the monarchy is kinda dumb, to have been a Commonwealth might not have been the worst thing.

And in true American fashion, there’s been a shooting at the Highland Park parade. We’ll never get a day off from any of this, will we?

This country just makes my heart hurt, over and over again.

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