Another weirdly early morning

And I can’t even blame the cat. I just rolled over and I was wide awake at 7:45. On a Saturday.

But I’ve got coffee, so it’s all good. Yesterday was a very successful day – got to Petco for Lily’s gifts, over to REI for shorts (of course, not on sale, *sob*) and got my haircut and colored. And resisted the urge to have my stylist cut it to a pixie length and dye it blue.

I also did find a great swim top at REI – it’s a regular sports bra type top and then it has a flowy tank top over it. Perfect for someone who did zero work on their abs over the winter, LOL.

Today’s excitement is an oil change at 11. I scheduled it online for 11:40, cause, sleep in Saturday – and they called yesterday and said “oh, the techs go to lunch at noon, so if you come in at 11:40, you’ll be stuck waiting while they have lunch.” I appreciate the fact that they let me know this and moved the appointment up – but why let folks schedule appointments at 11:40 then?

The dealership online scheduling is a bit of a mess, but I still have some free oil changes, so…

It feels weird to worry about oil changes and whatnot when the country is essentially now a fascist-capitalist state, but the world still spins on its axis – the bins need to go out, dinner still needs to go on the table, and no one needs a seized up engine on top of everything else.

And on that note, I’m off to the dealership. Take care of yourself today – we all need it.

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