My sweet LilyMonster has hit lucky 13! And she kicked off the day by letting me know my alarm hadn’t gone off at 6:30AM, LOL. We’ve had some excellent belly rubs, bunny kicks, and “hide behind a chair and run out and attack the feet!!!” time already this morning. She’s now sacked out on the floor purring like a little motorboat.

Lily, a black & orange tortie cat,
I’m adorable!

Since I was up earlier than planned, I was feeling all efficient and shit and got the coffee and hit up Petco as long as I was already out and about – only to find out they don’t open until 9AM and I was there bright and shiny at 8:10…

I’m going to just let Lily think this 4 day weekend is all for her, even though it’s a bit jam packed with not-Lily stuff. Very exciting times of hair appointment, oil change for the car, an attempt to find some shorts, and a fuckton of laundry and cleaning are in the works. Oh, and plant re-potting I was going to do…well, a while ago.

Honestly, I am so glad I took today off, the four days off couldn’t have come soon enough and it gives me some much needed extra time to get my shit together before we hit the beach. Or at least have clean underwear.

And in an attempt to have my shit together, I am going to pry myself off the sofa, get over to Petco and go find some shorts TODAY since I have plenty of time between now and my hair appointment.

You have a great Friday!

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