I hate this country today

And because I don’t know what to do, and apparently punching several Supreme Court Justices is not acceptable, I’ve written to my state representatives and federal Senators, and donated to a local abortion fund and a local bail fund.

The National Network of Abortion Funds gives you the opportunity to donate to all of their member funds at once, or choose one in particular. The National Bail Fund Network has a directory of local bail funds across the country you can choose from. These small local groups need us – we don’t need to reinvent the wheel here – there are groups on the ground who have built the infrastructure and are doing the work.

I hate that access to healthcare is dependent on location, gender, and money. The US is basically 50 different damn countries.

I hate that Thomas thinks advances in civil rights were “erroneous” – I don’t even know what kind of monster you are to think making things better is an error. Get fucking therapy, dude.

I hate that the Democrats at the national level have known this was coming, and know what else is coming – and their reaction has been “give us more money and vote harder,” read a fucking poem, and fucking sing. What. The. Fuck.

I’m not as pissed at D’s trying to get *into* office, but if you’re already there – you got my vote already, now do your damn fucking jobs. And I’m not *as* mad at the House, as they have at least gotten some bills through, but Senate Democrats can get fucked.

They had a 2 month head start to make plans, and we get fucking choir practice.

I don’t think Biden is a bad person, but he’s not up to the task here. He’s…IDK, too nice? He is very stuck with his thinking that we can work with the R’s – and we just can’t. Hell, we can’t even get all D’s on board with anything (looking at you Manchin & Sinema, and everyone hiding behind them.) We need someone who will drop the gloves and fight for us.

I hate that my company has invested a lot of time & energy into building up our DEI group – and has seemingly decided that this absolves the c-suiters from the responsibility of even *acknowledging* what is happening right now. Why should I trust that any of the DEI initiatives are sincere and genuine with this silence? On Teams, we have a great Pride channel – but I won’t actively participate, because I don’t trust any of these fuckers – and that really sucks.

I’d love to go back to weirdly conservative 18 year old me and tell her that in 32 years, I’d be turning into an accidental anarchist. (18 year old me would also be very surprised that anarchy isn’t chaos and everything on fire – just helping each other and a lot of meetings.) Government has utterly failed us all, and we have to help each other, until such time our legislators get their shit together – if they ever do.

If you’re still processing all this and what may be to come – it’s OK. It is a lot, and it’s awful. Check the self-care list. Figure out what you can do – you don’t have to be out in the streets, there is a lot you can do from a support standpoint. Keep annoying the fuck out of your elected representatives.

And take care of yourself and those around you.

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