Grey drizzly Saturday here

But despite the fact I do very much need some sun, it’s kinda nice. Cool but not cold, it’s not pouring down rain, and it’s just kind of calm out there.

Very nice trip to the farmers market this morning. Salad stuff, strawberries, potatoes, empanadas, and in an act of hope over experience – a cherry tomato plant.

A cherry tomato plant with a few green tomatoes and a LOT of blooms!

I don’t know why going to the farmers market feels like this somewhat subversive, radical act of self-care, but it does. I mean, it’s a whopping hour a week where I’m outside, rejecting corporate America and buying food with dirt still on it from the people that grow it. It’s not much, but it still feels like a lovely Fuck You to the establishment.

And speaking of self care, since everything is shit YET AGAIN, time to go through some things we all need to try to do. Not everyone will be able to do all of these things, I realize that, but we can’t take care of each other if we don’t take care of ourselves. And I’m bad at a lot of these and still trying.

  • Rest. Rest is not something that has to be earned. It’s a biological imperative. Please don’t feel guilty for resting.
  • Eat. Lord knows that can be hard, but you gotta eat. And it’s totally OK to do what you need to do to make it easier. Heat & eat baked ziti from the deli case? Go for it. Cracker cuts cheese cause you know you won’t be bothered to actually slice a block of cheese? Worth it if it means you can sit down and have some cheese and crackers without any effort. (Seeriously, cracker cuts & Triscuits are my go to snack – today is pepper jack cheese!)
  • Hydrate! This can be another tough one cause if you are like me, water isn’t the most interesting thing to consume and you may thing you’re drinking enough but not. Even being mildly dehydrated can make you feel off your game, so drink up. I have an app – Waterful – it’s great cause it will count anything you’re drinking and adjust it down when it’s not water, so your coffee still counts. And it has an octopus cheering you on!
Screenshot of Waterful app with an illustrated octopus and a chart showing water drinking progress
I should probably drink a little less coffee
  • Take your vitamins. Our diets may not be the best right now, so a daily multivitamin isn’t the worst idea. No one needs scurvy on top of everything else.
  • Take your meds. In times like these, they can be missed, forgotten, whatever. Set a reminder on your phone. Sticky note on the bathroom mirror. Whatever it takes, your meds are important. And please, never feel bad that you need them. To paraphrase Ina Garten – if your body isn’t producing what it needs, store bought is fine.
  • Outside time. Weather permitting, obviously, but just being outside is good for ya – fresh air, bit of sun – even if it’s just taking 5 minutes to sit on a bench outside the grocery store before you do the marketing, or sitting on your front steps watching the world go by. Even this morning at the farmers market was wonderful outside time for me.
  • Exercise. This is a hard one for everyone and anyone, and I totally understand not everyone can “just get some exercise” – time, energy and everything else conspire against us. Even a short walk or 15 minutes of light yoga can be beneficial to your body and brain – you don’t have to be out there training for a marathon. May not fix everything, but it doesn’t hurt.
  • General Personal Care. Brush your teeth, wash your face, drag yourself into the shower. If you have the time and a tub – a good soak every now and again is really nice.
  • Do SOMETHING ELSE. This is one I am *terrible* at – but finding a little time each day to do something that disconnects you from the shit is good. Reading anything-not-the-news, jigsaw puzzles, a bit of gardening, art, writing, whatever.

I know it seems like nothing matters at times, but YOU MATTER. And I want you to take care of yourself.

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