We knew it was coming, but Roe is dead. And Clarence Thomas said they’re coming after every other bit of progress we’ve made in the last 50 years.

And the “vote harder” brigade is out in force, and the fundraising texts started immediately.

I’m not going to *not* vote and I’m certainly not going to start voting Republican – but FFS, it would be nice if the people in office now FUCKING DID SOMETHING NOW.

And just like the NY gun law that was tossed out – what do we do even in blue states when R’s start challenging abortion access (and every other bit of civil rights) in court and just keep going until they hit SCOTUS?

I don’t even know how you fight that. I really don’t.

I hate this country.

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2 Responses to Welp

  1. Ashley says:

    I have been getting the best sleep of my life recently, but this has me wide awake at 2 AM, staring at the ceiling, and worrying about the future. Shit is just so, so bleak.

    Fortunately, voting will solve everything! Especially our voting on the Supreme Court.

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