It’s Friday, FRIDAY, Friday!!

And you should have read that in a monster truck rally announcer voice, LOL.

Been trying a few days of a 630 alarm and it’s OK, but only really works if I don’t hit the snooze button, otherwise I feel vaguely rushed, and no one likes that.

A few months ago, my dumbass impulsively got tickets to an Outdoor Thing this weekend that seemed legitimately fun, but now, it just feels like a huge chore hanging over my head now. Thanks, perpetual exhaustion!

Looks like we’ve got a gun safety bill that’s going to pass today – but what happens when someone sues, and it gets to SCOTUS and gets overturned? Let’s face it, SCOTUS is now an arm of the Republican party, and honestly, I don’t know how we get anything done – Democrats do something they don’t like, they sue, SCOTUS sides with them.

How do you even fight that? It’s either expand the court to match the number of federal districts – which isn’t happening, or sit around and wait for at least 2 justices to keel over at the right time – that’s not really a workable solution. So, do we all just become criminals?

Welp, time to go do the thing to make the money to pay the bail money I guess I’ll be needing in my golden years.

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