Gooood morning!

We’ve got another beautiful day out there this morning – always nice to have it coincide with a long weeekend.

So, after I got past my initial “oh shit, too much to do” paralysis yesterday with regards to the house, I did actually get a few things done! Of course, it started with discovering that the vac was at 25% because I’d forgotten to plug it back in after going to town on the car on Saturday, and I was out of cleaning rags. Charged the vacuum and did FOUR loads of laundry. So I have a vacuum at 100%, clean towels, clean rags, and clean clothes!

So while I still have a lot to get done, yesterday was a not terrible start, and I just have to get past my fucking freeze up that I do when confronted with too much to do around here. I’ve had it all my life and it’s the dumbest thing EVER. My brain really sucks sometimes.

Thing is – most of the time, once I get going, I’m OK. It’s the getting going that seems to be like climbing Mount Everest.

Welp, time to go scale a mountain.

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