Remember kids, it’s Tuesday

Love me a three day weekend and a four day workweek, but I will admit I’m never sure what day it is. All the more reason to make the four day workweek permanent so we all get used to it!

I did manage to break out of housework paralysis yesterday and get some more things done around the house, so go me. Will we have a repeat today? Hope so! Though, I will say I am struggling to keep my eyes open already this morning, so we shall see.

I don’t feel like I slept poorly last night, but I do feel like I could easily sleep another 2 hours. Fitbit says I got 5 hours of sleep, which couldn’t possibly be the problem, right? Couldn’t be as easy as either going to bed earlier or going back to my old 7AM wakeup time, no.

I have been considering going back to my 7AM wakeup, but I also kinda like starting work early and finishing early – maybe I’ll split the difference and we’ll try 6:30 for a while?

Welp, speaking of starting early to finish early, it’s time to go do the thing to get closer to the weekend. You have a great day.

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