Ohhhhhhh shiiiiiiiiiit

It just hit me that we are going on vacation in 17 days.  I mean, I’ve had the dates memorized since we made the reservation, but oh shit that is right around the corner.  

And OMG, I have a ton to do.  All the laundry.  Replacement pair of shorts & pants.  Make the house feel less like a disaster area so I’m not hugely depressed when we return.

It’s not insurmountable, but it is a lot.  And I’m kinda salty about it all, because I’d given myself permission to go slow this weekend cause I’m still trying to bounce (or slog) back from work trying its best to grind me into dust the past 3 months.  Before all that went to shit, I had actually been keeping up on things.

I did hit yesterdays little goal of getting the car all shiny – got the car washed, cleared out all the trashy bits and vacuumed it. The trashy bits were A LOT and that is because a few weeks ago, l had to temporarily move the little trash can I keep on the passenger side floor to the back seat and kept forgetting to put it back.

There is definitely an object lesson here, but I’m not sure if it’s more complicated than “have a lot more trash bins within arms reach everywhere in the house.”

Now, given all this, am I studying my list to decide what to hit first?  Or even picking something at random?  Oh god no, I’m researching vegetable choppers for potato salad I’ll never make.

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