Happy Juneteenth & Happy Fathers Day

And at least here in the mid-Atlantic, it looks like it’s going to be a gorgeous day for everyone.

I didn’t learn about Juneteenth until grad school*, and I thought it was nice that the Black community in the US had a day that was just their own to celebrate and reflect. I’m glad it’s a Federal holiday now, because it really brings it to the consciousness of the whole country. That being said, white people, this isn’t about you – just be quiet, enjoy a day off, and order something from a Black owned business or donate to a Black run mutual aid group.

And for all the Dad’s out there – Happy Father’s Day – especially the first time Dads – you’re doing great. May you love the fashion-questionable ties, misshapen ceramics, painted rocks, and other gifts from your wee ones, and have fun cooking with fire.

My Dad isn’t here anymore, and while I miss him every day, today isn’t too bad, and if your Dad isn’t here anymore, I hope you do OK today, too.

Love all y’all.

* Glad kids will learn about it now, cause we sure as hell didn’t learn about it in school.

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