What a glorious morning out there

After 95º yesterday, it’s breezy and sunny and it’s gonna only hit 75º today. Woke up before my alarm, hit the farmers market early while the empanada lady still had ALL her goodies and I had my usual lack of impulse control – but I have empanadas, green beans, green onions, salad mix, pumpkin bread, granola, a crunchy oat bar, cheddar garlic buns, and CHERRY TOMATOES!

A plate of multicolored cherry tomatoes.
Mmmmm, tomatoes

I mean, if you’re going to totally lack impulse control, the farmers market is the place to do it, right? Fresh produce and food, and supporting local businesses – all good! Though I suddenly realized I intended to circle back around to the pie & quiche stand and got distracted. Next week! I’ve already had a handful of tomatoes with some hickory smoked salts I got at the fair weekend before last – yummy!

My own cherry tomato plant is producing quite well – and the chipmunks are LOVING IT. Inadvertently caught one red-handed yesterday. It wasn’t until I zoomed in after the snap that I saw that little fucker had a cherry tomato in his mouth and had obviously taken it while I was sitting not 10 feet away.

Stripey thief!!

I’m not mad that he took it – I left snacks in his living room. BUT I WAS RIGHT THERE. The. Audacity.

And I’ve got a three day weekend on top of all the rest of this loveliness, and lordy do I need it. While this last week has been delightfully calm at work, it’s going to take more than just a week to really recover from the insanity of the previous three months.

And I am keeping my expectations extremely low for productivity this weekend. So far, I’ve hit the market and the farmers market, and the market again for the stuff I didn’t know I needed when I popped in the first time, and gotten the car washed.

Still need to get the car cleared out and vacuumed. Repot the catnip, rabbits foot fern, marigolds, and geraniums, tackle the damn vine in the front garden, and get the impatiens in the ground.

It’s not much for a whole three day weekend, but it’s about all I can reasonably contemplate right now. Anything more will just be a big ol’ bonus. If I put more on the list, I know I’ll just get overwhelmed and then get all paralyzed and get nothing at all done. So, small steps and all that.

You have a good weekend and look after yourself – you deserve it.

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