You made it! Well done!

Half-following the Jan 6th hearings and I could do without the lionizing of Pence. He did the right thing once, but lay down with dogs and all that. My empathy is definitely lacking there.

Work has been gloriously calm this week and I am really, really hoping it stays that way. We’ve got a half day today, and my ass is not showing up early, because I’m out at 1PM no matter what. I’m getting my four hours off, dammit.

What can I say, the last three months has made me a bit twitchy about my work hours. I really don’t mind the occasional long day or emergency, but I can’t do it constantly. It’s gonna take me multiple weeks to recover from the last three months – right now I still feel like I could sleep for a week.

Gotta work on that retirement plan this weekend.

Time to go do the thing to make the 401K deposits… You have a great day!

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