Go Padres!

Last night it was a full on rout against the Cubs – 19-5. There is a fine line between, “Damn, we’re really winning!” and “Should we be considering a mercy rule?” But…it was a fun game to watch. Manny Machado got his 1500th hit!

On the work front – whew, after roughly three months of unadulterated chaos and overwork, things appear to be back to normal. And let me tell you – regular 8 hour days where I can take a break between tasks to clear my head and refocus before the next task and I’m not dealing with constant “Special Client found X” all day? It feels damn near like part time work and it is glorious.

Don’t tell my team lead I said that, cause he’ll just find more work for me, LOL. I’m hoping now that things have calmed down he’ll be a little less…extra. I mean, there have always been issues with time estimates and how much capacity we actually have, but this past three months was BAD.

I get not wanting to tell management “we don’t have the capacity to do this in a reasonable amount of time” – but not at the expense of your team, and he did that over and over again.

Hopefully we won’t find ourselves in this spot again, but if we do, I’ll again be the boss ass bitch saying FUCK NO. (Pretty sure he’s still very pissed at me – don’t care.)

You have a great day and say NO when you have to!

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