Goooooood morning

The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and the Padres have another win in the books! Rough start, down 5 runs through the 5th inning and then the bats caught fire and they scored 12 runs!!

And it’s another FML early meeting Wednesday and at least I can go in not being insanely behind on my work. Granted, the two things I’m working on – both have defects I found yesterday and my dev is on vacation this week. Like I literally sat down yesterday and went, “Yes! I can work on the new version today!” and bang, one right after the other and it’s back on hold, LOL.

But on one of them, I definitely know the trigger for it, and the other one, I had no idea yesterday, but it hit me this morning that I think I know what the issue is and I should be able to confirm that this morning without too much hassle – and then I can at least tell my dev what is driving it.

While I can’t point to a line of code and say “this is it” – I take a lot of pride in being able to tell my devs “When I do X, it works, but when I do Y, it blows up” or being able to read a system error when it pukes up a SQL error and know what it is telling me.

That’s the work I love – figuring shit out, and it’s nice to be able to once again do it in a somewhat calm manner.

You have a great day and I hope you figure shit out too. :-D

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