An eerie calm…

At work no less! Our Special Client has declared their issues with the app from hell…resolved. And not because they’re moving to another software product. I feel like I should find an old computer peripheral and sacrifice it to the goddesses of tech to keep this going.

Hopefully lessons were learned here. First being: don’t make big changes within the context of a monthly release where there is only a week or so to test said changes. Second: over-catering to one client can be disastrous for everyone, and if you must over-cater to one client, do things incrementally. Third: I really need to create some of my own automated tests – I should have caught a lot of this before the client did, and automated comparisons of version X to Y would have caught a ton of things I just didn’t see. But…time. But, I will absolutely be implementing some kind of automated comparison for our newest version. Just gotta find the time…

In the end, I’m just happy we didn’t all get fired. Though I will say, I think this has been the most exhausting 6 months of my career – and I burned out of support not once, but twice, so that’s saying something. But the difference here – even despite my clashes with the team lead, management was actually clued in to how hard we were working, and made it known.

So, hopefully the worst is behind us. Time to go do the thing and make sure this doesn’t happen with the next version.

You have a great day.

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