Happy Fuck It Friday, Kids!

Friday came around pretty quick this week, which is nice. Work has actually been pretty calm – we do have one bug that is causing our poor dev to tear her hair out, she went back to another high level dev who wrote pretty much all the damn code that has been causing our heartburn and he was “well, it’s kinda inevitable” and my dude, that is not an answer, your code caused this. But that’s all above my pay grade and all I can do it say, “Ya gotta figure it out cause it wasn’t an issue before your code went in two months ago and the client encountering it is not happy.” And I am again somehow the go between for dev & my folks 12 hours away and all I can say is “still working on it.”

One lesson here – no matter how senior the developer, always do a code review. Always.

Skipped the hearings last night, mostly because I knew it would just piss me off, but I also realized, I’m not the target audience here. I don’t need convincing – violent white supremacists did what violent white supremacists do, and they were egged on by folks all the way up the food chain. I’d love to see something come of all this, but I am not holding my breath. There are far too many centrist Democrats who think we can be friends with Republicans and don’t want to upset them. Not great.

In fun stuff, my fitbit died and I got a new – get this – “Luxe” edition, LOL. It’s basically the same as my old one, but you can get fancy bracelets for it so it looks more like jewelry. And I think they’re getting ready to roll out new models, cause I got a good deal on it. $110 on the Fitbit site (on sale), $90 on Amazon. Plus another $8 for fabric bands, cause I do not love the silicon bands. If I get 3 years out of it like the last one, $33 a year isn’t bad.

Welp, time to go to the thing to get to the weekend and not put any steps on my new Fitbit.

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