It’s FML Early Meeting Wednesday!

And for the first time in a while, I will go into it with my line on the capacity chart being green!! I was admittedly snippy in last week’s meeting – it wasn’t intentional, but I’d honestly just had it with being perpetually overcommitted and no one listening when I tell them I’m being overcommitted.

In retrospect, I think it had an impact – cause though we have several bugs swirling around, since the last meeting, I have been left alone to get my shit done and had nothing extra dumped on me, and even when I have said “I can take this bug if needed” – hasn’t happened. So, yay for the occasional snippiness?

Now – we’ll see if anyone tries to fill that so-called “free” capacity I currently have today, LOL.

And in other weird work shit, multiple times this week, I’ve had to make decisions that should have been made by the lead, but 12 hour time difference, answer needed now, etc, and well, there we are. And one of my product managers made a point of making sure I knew we had a design position just open – I like what I do, but it’s nice that she thinks I’d be good at it. (I said, “Not sure a mantra of ‘not my fault people are stupid’ is good for a designer.”) Feels a bit like “shit, she may quit, make sure she knows we think she’s competent.” You could just not stress me out ya know. 🤣

In outdoor gardening…the local wildlife has found the tomato plant and the two cherry tomatoes that were ripening have mysteriously disappeared, LOL. I hope they enjoyed it. Indoor gardening – I’ve got three plants I got in 2020 that are blooming! They didn’t bloom last year at all, and I have zero idea what I did differently this past winter/spring that they are flowering now. But, pretty!!

Well, time to go to the meeting and try not to get more shit assigned to me, LOL. You have a great day.

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