Damn, why is everything so expensive?!

I mean, I know why – war, plague, supply chain issues, and a lot price gouging being blamed on the previous three issues. But I haven’t really had to shop for anything outside of groceries since things went really nuts on the inflation front. And while I can’t point at a specific thing at the market and say, “Oh, that cost X a year ago” – I do know pretty much every time I check out, I think, “Fuck.”

But I wanted to snag another pair of shorts & summer pants. Hopped onto my beloved REI and searched for Kuhl cause they’re seriously good quality and HOLY SHIT BATMAN, nothing on sale and my hand to god, the prices are up 50%. Admittedly they were a bit on the pricey side to start, cause they’re so very well made, but this is nuts.

So…I think tomorrow I’ll go to REI in person and see what’s on the racks – maybe I can find something on sale or a different brand that fits and has good pockets.

Or maybe I’ll just wash what I’ve got more often. I mean, I make a decent living and if I’m balking at new pants, I know it sucks for folks less lucky than I am, especially with kids who keep growing out of their clothes.

And it’s not that I didn’t believe inflation was out of control, just outside of the market & gas station, I’ve just been able to avoid it for the most part – guess I thought I was more prepared for the sticker shock.

In silly Lily things, it’s pleasantly cool this morning and this furry one is totally full of herself. I’ve already had to retrieve her from behind the plants in the front window and now this.

Lily, a black and white tortie cat, burrowed in some jackets on the chair
Why can’t I play in the window jungle?

And other fun things are afoot – I am going to the arts & crafts show down on the river today! It’s all outdoors, there should be lots of pretty things and food trucks! And I know myself well enough to know that this is one place I will not think a second about inflation, just getting cool stuff from local artists. I’ve been setting aside cash and got my backpack purse all cleaned out. FANCY SOAPS AND FOOD TRUCKS, HERE I COME.

And it’s Pokemon Go Fest Weekend and I will be spinning ALL THE POKESTOPS down in the cute river town to boot.

So, it’s gonna be a fun day with beautiful weather and being outdoors and food and arts & crafts and capri pants with cargo pockets and the hardest decisions being “long or short sleeved shirt” and “which food truck to hit for lunch.”

I hope your Saturday is awesome.

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