Our friend that we saw last weekend just texted and has Covid.

Granted, we were outside the whole time, and it’s been a week, but we’re testing now. I know I was negative before we went last Saturday cause I tested that afternoon – and I’d been meaning to do a followup test this week, guess that time is now!

I’m so very glad he let us know, and luckily before we headed out the door and onto a shuttlebus for the fair. I’m also worried as hell for him – he’s not at any particular risk, but you just don’t know WTF Covid will do to you, even vaccinated, and his Mom & sister are high risk. (He doesn’t live with them, but sees them a lot.)

Of course, if one of us is positive – easy enough to isolate and keep Lily safe with the negative person. Both of us? IDK what we’ll do. And of course the LilyMonster wants to be all lovey right now. I am petting her and breathing in another direction…

Just got a text back from him, he’s certain he got it on Tuesday, so while it 110% sucks for him, that is good for us.

Five minutes left on the test.

I will say, I’m pretty impressed with the fact that it’s been over two years and this is the first potential exposure either myself or my brother has had. We’ve worked hard at avoiding this.

Whew, solid negative, not even a hint of a line on mine. Waiting on little bro’s test… Negative!

Even though he is sure he got it Tuesday and we saw him 3 days before that, I am so appreciative that he let us know.

Now thinking maybe we’ll walk from the commuter lot to the festival vs. taking the shuttlebus, LOL.

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