So, a short week

That actually felt like a short week! Who knew?! And for the first time in a while, I don’t feel like I’ve been hit by a steamroller on a Friday morning. (Not sleeping great cause of the news, but that’s a whole different problem.)

Still messy shit at work – having half the team on the other side of the world is haaaard. Yesterday, email with management about which version a bug needs to go into – I’m on it, team lead is on it (it’s middle of the night there) – I put in my 2 cents and go to lunch. Get back from lunch to text from team lead – “oh, have dev do X” – well, already overcome by events, dev has done Y instead, can’t be undone, all while I was at lunch. Why did he text me vs responding to the email, IDK.

He asks me a lot to ask the dev to do things a certain way. She’s not scary – he really doesn’t need me as a go-between here. Just very weird given that I’m pretty sure he thinks I’m an idiot who is very bad at my job and has been trying to make it worse, LOL.

Of course, the bug in question does need to be fixed in this next release, despite the fact we’re in code freeze, and I did tell the lead if we didn’t have space across the team for testing to just let me know and I’d handle it. We *should* have the capacity to squeeze this one in and spread it out across multiple testers, cause we do have the time. Now, am I expecting that this is going to be dumped on me as some weird punishment because I agreed with management that it should go into the next release and said we did have the time to get it in? Yes, yes, I am, LOL.

On a great note, I actually got work done on the new version yesterday!!!!!! Like, I haven’t been able to make progress on that in forever, cause the current version has needed so much TLC. There is a fucked up part of me thinking, “You could knock this particular task off the list over the weekend…” I’m trying to get that stupid voice to STFU.

This weekend the cute town down on the river is having it’s annual arts & crafts fair. I think that will be a far better use of my time.

Well, time to go see what is on my plate today – I have a feeling that new bug is going to be front and center. But, it will all get done one way or another.

You have a fantastic Friday and don’t let the bastards get you down.

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