Oh, Happy Pride!!

Was so addled yesterday morning I forgot – I hope all of y’all are safe, well, happy, and loved. Remember kids, Stonewall was a riot.

Guess who got out of work on time TWO DAYS IN A ROW! That after having to hold my tongue so damn hard in the morning meeting I thought I’d bite it off – but I did not say anything to get myself fired, so, go me.

Once again, I was oversubscribed for June, scrum lead is “oh that needs to be fixed” – well, here’s an idea for our team lead: don’t overcommit me in the first place… Sub-lead reassigns ONE item, IM’s me that “you’re green now!” as thought I’ve been done a huge favor – and then proceeds to assign something else in its place that simply doesn’t show on the June schedule and in the midst of the meeting I was somehow assigned an additional demo – at that point, all I could do was just mutter “Fine, just let me know what I need to do.” So, still oversubscribed this morning.

I love looking like the jackass that can’t get their work done because the team lead & sub-leads keep over-assigning things, despite the fact that I provide a daily update of my capacity and have tried over and over to explain that every time Big Client 1 or 2 calls in, that’s two hours of my day out the window. (And they’re calling in multiple times a week these days.)

And I even told one of the sub-leads how I don’t like looking like I can’t get my work done. And got a line of BS about how they understand and appreciate my hard work.

And I cannot help but notice that everyone else is seriously undersubscribed for the month – the team as a whole? 301 hours committed out of 476 available. I am over capacity. One other person is at capacity. Everyone else is 5 to 32 hours UNDERSUBSCRIBED. And given that I’m only one of two people who has pushed back on overcommitting the team, it sure feels fucking intentional. I guess I haven’t been sufficiently deferential to the various leads of late to earn any grace in scheduling.

I’m not trying to get in a pissing contest with the team lead & sub-leads, but this is ridiculous. I mean, this is the type of shit you pull when you’re trying to get someone to quit. And that’s not going to work because I am too fucking old to go job hopping and I will happily stay and be a pain in the ass.

Cause I’m good at my job, and good at being a pain in the ass.

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