Almost on the downhill side of the week

Between the day off Monday, payday tomorrow, and a half day Friday, I like this kind of week. Let’s do this every week, all summer! Heck, all year! I know, for someone who supposedly likes their job, I really like not working.

And we’ve got a shiny new month, too, which means time for some likely unreasonable goals!

  • Keep daily work hours under 9 without getting fired
  • Yoga or walking at least 3x a week
  • Get daily housework done DAILY
  • Get at least 2 non-daily items done off the list to get caught back up around the house

What’s frustrating is that pretty much everything depends on work not flattening me. Yesterday was a pretty decent day, no emergencies, no last minute stuff dumped on me, mostly just me yelling at the software going, “WHY ARE YOU SO SLOW TODAY?!”

Welp, time to go hit some meetings and see what we can do with this lovely new month.

You have a great day.

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