Hmm, shoulda taken one more day off

I’ve got two comp days burning a hole in my pocket, and I should have extended this weekend, LOL. So, a bit of admin time today at work is gonna be: when can I take some time off in June?

Didn’t accomplish much this weekend other than resting, some yardwork, and grilling, and I’m trying to remind myself THAT IS OK. Yes, the house looks like a tornado hit, but that is fixable and I don’t have to fix it all in a day. Just gotta keep hitting the basics and then pick one extra bit to work on each bday and it will be back in shape. I want to have it in really good shape before we go on vacation – so I’ve got 36 days for that, not that I’m counting down or anything.

Granted, this is somewhat dependent on work not being completely batshit, but things may be slowing down a bit on that front – fingers crossed on that. I did get hold of the utilization spreadsheet that the team lead is using and the availability is shockingly correct – which tells me that the issue goes back to underestimating how long anything takes, which has been an issue as long as I’ve been in the department. Not sure how to fix that given that every time I say something, it goes nowhere – but I’ll keep banging that drum.

Interesting to watch Canada deciding they are not going to be like their meth-head neighbors to the south. I didn’t realize they’d already banned AR-15 type rifles, and now a freeze on handguns. Canada – you’re not perfect, but well fucking done on this front.

Well, I’m gonna go get a jump on the workday and see if I can’t get out ON TIME every day this week. Can it be done?! We shall see!

You have a good day and take care of yourself – the news isn’t slowing down for any of us.

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