So, looks like Monday again

And another chance to go out and be awesome or something like that.

I got the most critical stuff done for work this weekend, so that’s something. Now I’m down to roughly… 2 1/2 days of work to get done in 2 days? Which is a far improvement over where I was on Friday morning, so that’s something.

Our weekend heat wave broke with some storms last night, and looks like we’ll have a cool and rainy week ahead.

Now, with work being all chaotic yet again, the house looks like a tornado hit it. How behind on, well, everything am I?

No, not nice!

So, this week is going to be trying to ahead of things at work (which could be impossible, but I’m TRYING!) and get back on track around the house. So. Much. Laundry.

Not sure what to do on the work front. I’m not quitting or looking for another job, but someone needs to advocate louder on behalf of the whole team, and well, guess it’s me. Just gotta do it enough to get the point across but not get fired, LOL.

Labor leaders didn’t die for a 40 hour workweek and tolerable working conditions so I could be working nights and weekends. My great grandfather helped organize unions in the oil fields in California, so I guess being an annoying pain in the ass at work is genetic.

Welp, time to go be an awesome pain in the ass.

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