Goooooood morning!

Gonna be another scorcher out there today and it’s not even Memorial Day. We’re killing the planet and no one in power cares, so that’s awesome.

Got some office work done yesterday – I was admittedly petulant about it and put it off until late afternoon and OF COURSE discovered that the database I’d been working in on Friday had gone tango uniform and I had to start over in a new database. This is why we shouldn’t be working weekends when no one is around to feed the hamsters in the servers, among other reasons we shouldn’t be working weekends.

I’ll be getting going on it all again here shortly and I hope to have the things due tomorrow done today, and the Tuesday stuff to a point where I won’t be working until midnight Monday/Tuesday. Realistically we need to push back the Tuesday stuff by a day or two – and have said so out loud – but I’m not at all counting on it.

And I know, shit happens, things go sideways, sometimes you have to work late or a weekend. And I’ll do it because it has to be done. But I am also going to be petty as fuck about it this week and there is no fucking way I am working over the upcoming holiday weekend. And I am leaving early on Wednesday and I am not coming back to work afterwards. Team lead has me marked as out for the whole day – I didn’t even correct him because otherwise I’d just end up with more work and I’m trying to avoid that.

I don’t have much of an exciting life outside of work, but I DO have a life and I am TRYING to keep my personal time to myself.

But this too shall pass. Probably like a kidney stone, but it will pass.

And now it’s time to go be the fucking awesome employee that I am.

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