OK, shingles shot sore arm is definitely worse than covid shot sore arm. It did at least occur to me that I could take some Advil for it, so hopefully that will kick in soon.

I still can’t quite believe that on top of everything else – Monkeypox. Seriously?? I am very much in “I can’t even” mode on that one. Plus a heat advisory for the weekend – Mother Nature is very pissed off and understandably wants to kill us all.

I am not *as* annoyed that I am working this weekend than I was yesterday, but still pretty annoyed. When they assigned this extra bug to me on Thursday, I told them I did not have enough time for it. Then they said, oh, it’s deferred, don’t worry. I pointed out because dev had in fact made changes, it could not be deferred. And though I had said NO TIME – Friday morning they’re all “it’s yours…”

I genuinely don’t know what is going on with our team lead these past couple months, but folks are gonna mutiny if he doesn’t get it together. He’s been given carte blanche to move new feature tasks out and he isn’t – it’s like he wants to put it on the individuals who simply don’t have enough hours in a day to have to *say* they can’t do it, instead of clearly seeing that we just don’t have the time and being proactive. It’s like he’s decided if he moves things out, he’s failed somehow and he’d rather have that failure on us.

The saving grace is that there are people above him who see what is happening and continuing to push him on moving out feature tasks. It’s just really disappointing that he’s just not looking out for the team.

I will at least say, when I decided fuck it, I’ll work on things this weekend, it did take a ton of pressure off, but still – working over the weekend… I’m not gonna quit or anything, but I am just seriously fucking annoyed. But I do think my US partner in crime may be looking for a new job, cause she is really not happy right now.

But in a nod to the weekend, I will be working downstairs in front of the TV. But not until I finish all my Pokemon Go Community Day challenges, because, priorities.

You have a great weekend and be blessed with managers that understand what a 40 hour workweek is.

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