Travel Tuesday!

In which I go over river and through dales and whatnot to corporate to get my laptop replaced. Very excited to be able to work and not have the backslash key go \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ randomly while I type. It’s just a refurbished one, but it should work, and that’s fine by me – especially since they’d said no laptop refreshes thanks to the supply chain and I’d taken that as NO replacements at all – but they just meant not brand new laptops.

Of course, last night we had a demo and someone was all, “Ohhhh, we have a surprise for you in the morning on release X!” and I was like, “Welp, if it needs to be done by COB, I don’t have a full day available tomorrow!” (Release X was supposed to be over and done and work on Release Y should be starting today, but not due for a few days, so agreeing to the laptop replacement time today was not unreasonable.) So, I’m sure they’re pissed about that, but not a damn thing I can do about it – I would have preferred that the keyboard had not started failing in the first place.

The mental checklist sure is a little different these days, though. What used to be laptop bag and badge now has covid test (negative!), fresh N95, and figuring out how to use the online check-in thing added to it. Still a bit miffed that I have to go in at all – if I just lived a little farther away… (Seriously, just eat the shipping cost, don’t make me spend time in the fucking office.)

So, I’m kinda dreading logging on this morning cause lord only knows what they’ve decided I can accomplish in half a day. There was a great thread on Twitter on the hazard of scheduling your team at 100% capacity – I am resisting the urge to send this to management.

It’s 100% true. When you don’t allow for things to go wrong (which my team lead does not seem to do and I DO NOT KNOW WHY) everything goes to shit in very short order.

Well, time to refill my coffee and go see what awaits me.

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2 Responses to Travel Tuesday!

  1. Peter says:

    If only you had caught the dreaded \ key sooner, you might have avoided all the software turmoil for months and months. Or not. 😉

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