Rollercoaster day!le

Had to drive to corporate. Booooooooo.

Got a new laptop. YAY!

Get to keep old laptop for a few extra days to make sure everything migrated. YAY!

Got to sit out in the nice weather for a while as IT mucked about with it. YAY!

Didn’t see a single soul with a mask on in the office. What the fuck?

Back home and still taking a lunch break. YAY!

Despite telling Those Who Need To Know that I would be losing a chunk of my day to laptop replacement, still had 20 hours worth of last minute work dumped on me to be done by COB tomorrow. What the fuck?

Granted, I should be able to combine the two 10 hour tasks, but JFC, bit of a dick move, especially considering they knew about the laptop and know that I & my other US based partner in crime are constantly getting pulled off for high profile client issues right now. (And I have one waiting in my inbox as soon as I’m done with lunch.)

Don’t make me tap the sign…

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