Proof the world keeps spinning on its axis…

It’s fucking tiny ant season again. The Mrs Myers lemon multi-surface cleaner is permanently on the counter for a while (smushes the ants on spray contact and bonus spot cleaning all over!) and the ant baits will be put out today. And the hornets are coming out of hibernation and we got a fucking gargantuan one* in the window yesterday. So, wasp & hornet spray is also on the shopping list, a purchase that will hopefully guarantee we don’t need it again this spring.

Multiple mass shootings this weekend, but the ants still show up, the laundry won’t wash itself, and the bills still demand payment. I’d take a mental health day, but there is no space in the schedule for it. At least there is a half day on Friday, but it’s gonna be a busy week – found multiple bugs last Friday, Lily has her dental appointment Thursday, and I am getting my shingles vaccine on Friday afternoon, wheee.

We also have a demo tonight at 9:30, so at least I can hopefully leave a smidge early this afternoon. And now that I’ve realized that I can get to Teams on Chrome on my regular laptop, I don’t even have to log back in on my work laptop and I can watch it downstairs.

In escapist stuff, I’ve been watching the Great Pottery Throwdown and oh my, it’s lovely. Beautiful ceramics, everyone is nice to each other and helps each other, and everyone is sad when someone leaves. I may have to finally sign up for a pottery class at the local arts center.

Well, time to go do the thing to make the money to go buy the damn hornet spray.

* Not one of the murder hornets – I googled, cause this thing was JFC big, but they’re not in Virginia.

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