Who has clean teeth and trimmed nails?

THE LILYMONSTER! She survived the night of no food, was very good at the vet, didn’t need any extractions (yay for her mouth and my wallet) and the hardest thing when she got home was convincing her that she really needed to take a nap.

Headshot of Lily, a black & orange tortie cat
So drunk

She also discovered her nails were trimmed as she tried to scale the side of the bed and suddenly realized her kitty ice spikes weren’t working – the “WTF” look on her face was pretty priceless.

She’s all back to normal this morning and happy that she doesn’t have two humans basically on top of her going, “So, how ya feeling?”

Half day today and I will NOT be working late, already made that known. Went 10 rounds yesterday over a defect that has been “deferred” to the next release, but the developer already checked in fixes, so it has to be tested now. Saying it’s deferred doesn’t mean anything if the developer has made changes.

But, not my problem. ETA: It became my problem. Though I very clearly said yesterday that I could NOT take this extra bug and then was told it was deferred, they decided oh yes, it does need to be tested and gave it to me. THOUGH I SAID I DIDN’T HAVE THE CAPACITY FUCKING YESTERDAY.

Y’all have a great Friday!

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