And somehow we made it – well done, you! Don’t know about you, but I am fucking exhausted. The grind against the machine has definitely worn me down. I’m functioning, but juuuust barely – work is getting all I’ve got and the house is kinda falling apart. Gonna try to do a reset this weekend.

Did have some small victories at work, though! Wednesday sprint meeting, scrum lead tells my team lead, “hey, some of these tasks need to get moved to June” – and I shit you not, team lead again dragged his feet going, “well…we’re working on it” – and thank god, scrum lead just started moving shit to next month right then and there. I don’t get why our team lead is so resistant to moving things, and I think part of the team over in the PI is a bit put out that we’re rocking the boat, but I told them *they’re* working too many hours too and fixing this is good for everyone.

Look, I’m just trying to not have the whole damn team fry themselves.

Of course, along with this I have a feature on an existing app that had 4 hours of testing budgeted for it and I’ve already blown past that – but also found two issues that have to be addressed, so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The 4 hours was ridiculous to begin with – it’s an existing app and we’ve added a warning if you have bad values – but you can’t just test with bad values to make sure that the warning shows up, ya gotta test with good values to make sure that warning *doesn’t* show up, too. And there are a fuckton of variations on a theme on either side. Even if I *hadn’t* found any issues, I wouldn’t feel bad at the amount of time it’s taken so far. It takes as long as it takes.

Welp, time to go grind those gears for capitalism and fuck up some schedules in the process, LOL.

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