Hump Daaaaaaaaaaaaay

And I and my US coworker have thrown some work grenades. The entire team is grossly overcommitted for May and it has been pointed out to the team lead more than once saying we need to push things out (this isn’t a bad thing nor will we get in trouble for it) and it’s far better to do that NOW rather than overcommit, kill ourselves all month and still have to push things out when the last week of May rolls around.

So, we’ve both talked to the scrum lead directly and said it has to be addressed sooner rather than later and he’s said we’ll be dealing with it in today’s meeting and getting things to be more realistic. Don’t love going around the team lead, but he’s been told it needs to be fixed by multiple people and it hasn’t been fixed, and I’m not working 60 hours a week because he doesn’t want to say no and the rest of the team shouldn’t have to either.

This also on the heels of another last minute thing dumped on us yesterday that the PI team didn’t even touch despite the fact that they could have called for a special build at 8PM on Monday night and had it done, but didn’t. (I know when the fix was checked in. It’s documented.) Felt a little retaliatory after saying directly on Friday that I was overcommitted and having a meeting on Monday with a sub-lead showing I was overcommitted. So, here’s another critical bug with a 24 hour turnaround that the other side of the world “couldn’t get to”? Feels a bit sketchy – I don’t think the *team* said “fuck them” but one person made the decision to not request a special build (which they have said they do ALL THE TIME) and push it off on us.

My US coworker is very stressed and pissed and she said it was worse than support. I wouldn’t go *that* far myself, but I get her frustration to be sure. Honestly, a third US based person on the team would do us a world of good, since we get pulled off on client issues all the time because we have a bunch of clients who can only have US based workers look at their stuff.

I’ve extended the quiet hours on Teams on my phone and I’m considering removing it altogether. Boundaries, people. I know we’re a global team, but my time is my time.

Well, time to refill my coffee and go stick it to the man.

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