Funny how we don’t really celebrate it here in the United States of Capitalist Exploitation. I mean, as a kid, May Day was presented to me as the day you left flowers on someone’s doorstep and did ding-dong-ditch. Not until adulthood did I learn about it being about labor.

I still live in an area that is incredibly hostile to organized labor – for all our blue voting in our county, folks are still very pro-corporate. It’s weird and detrimental to the people who live and work here, but I’m not sure how we change that.

And lord help me, I had to go to Target today and that’s another group of workers that really needs a union. I very much needed storage bins, but I also don’t love supporting their labor practices – on International Workers Day they didn’t have enough workers…

I don’t know about where you live, but it’s super odd here to watch our Covid cases going up, the county health department saying, “Uhhhh, be vigilant or something” and for a whole bunch of folks it seems like the pandemic is over and done. Must be nice to live in a world with no vulnerable people, long covid doesn’t exist, and if it did, there’s a health system that actually knew what to do with it. Fuckin’ fantasyland. And then we wonder…

Maybe I’m the one who needs to give in, but it feels less like an acceptance that Covid is endemic and more of a very selfish move made out of fatigue and boredom. I am so tired of takeout, my hair getting caught in mask straps, playing “pollen or covid” and everything that goes with this shit. And I know I’m not the only one – this has been hard on everyone. I just still can’t wrap my head around the fact that so many people don’t understand or don’t care that their decision to be done with the pandemic screws over other people.

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